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Pure unrefined shea butter is one of natures gifts to mankind. It has been used for hundreds of years by african tribes-people for
cooking, healing wounds, skin care, hair care and more. Try our shea butter and experience it’s magic.

About Shea Butter

Africans have used Shea Butter for many generations to protect and rejuvenate their hair and skin.  Everyone can take advantage of Shea Butter’s benefits.  

Today, Shea Butter is available in pure form and as an ingredient in many products to help with maintenance of the hair and skin and relief from many common skin ailments. We believe that every household should have a jar of shea butter, either among the beauty supplies for soft smooth better looking skin, or in the medicine cabinet for minor skin injuries around the house. Shea butter is just amazing. Be aware, Shea Butter is made from nuts. Read on to learn more.

At SHEA, we carry pure unrefined grade shea butter. Shea Butter is only found in the tropics of  Africa.  It is extracted from the nuts of the Shea or Karite tree which begins to bear fruit after about 15 years; and can take up to 30 years to bear a quality crop of nuts with a high content of irremovable fatty acid.  It is this irremovable fatty acid that gives Shea Butter its unique healing properties and makes it far superior to cocoa butter and other vegetable butters.

Traditionally, Shea Butter was extracted by people who picked the nuts, cracked them, grilled them and pounded them. They were boiled in water for hours until the Shea Butter rose to the surface.  It was then scooped into gourds and left to cool and set.  Shea Butter is solid at room temperature although it quickly liquefies right around body temperature.  This Shea Butter is called unrefined Shea Butter or raw Shea Butter.  Since Shea Butter is an all natural product, it can vary widely in quality, appearance and smell depending on where it is produced from and how it is refined or extracted.

Shea Butter has begun to be graded depending on the extraction method.

  • Raw or unrefined- extracted using water.  The color ranges from light cream (similar to whipped butter) to grayish yellow.  This is the original form of Shea Butter, and the best.
  • Refined- is more highly processed. Has many of its natural components still intact.
  • Highly refined or processed- solvents are used to increase the yield (hexane is an example).  The color is pure white, we recommend you avoid this.

 We always encourage all to consult a medical professional regarding any medical conditions. For external use only. Made with nuts.

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